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Mac and Me

So after many MANY years of mocking and undermining them, I am now the proud user of a MacBook Pro, for my sins. As the UX Architect/Engineer for my team I am tasked with a multitude of design related duties. Wireframes, site maps, mockups etc. The weapon of choice for the firm is the MBP…

Reacting well

I was recently tasked with building a ‘dashboard’, something else to learn. So I hit my pluralsight tutorials and filled up on coffee. I also decided to take the plunge into the React world, as this is in vogue at the moment. Must say I am pleasantly surprised at how much I was able to…

Head in the clouds

So I came back from holidays and started in a new team. In the same firm, building and floor – but different team, now I’m doing UI Engineer for Automation. Team are awesome but it’s straight into the work and getting up to speed. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Agile ceremonies

Trying to be more disciplined at work with our agile ceremonies.  They’re an important element to use to help bridge some of the knowledge gaps in our team and the general concensus is that we’re doing well as a group. Our working practices are improving steadily, with tickets getting created per job, sized and now…

coming for you 2017

with all the changes I undertook last year, I’m not going to surprise anyone by saying this year for me is about ticking off a few technical goals, gaining some personal development on the agile plain and generally grabbing some code by the scruff of it’s ‘neck’ and knocking it into shape. I am, as…

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