SEO debate

As a certified Umbraco developer it should ‘erk’ me a little that everyone bangs on about how great WordPress is at SEO. But it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Umbraco allows developers to control everything that the site generates. So if SEO is your prime directive then Document Types can include all the necessary […]

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Joy, Inc.

As part of our Lean Lunch videos on a Wednesday we watched this.

Everyone should watch it, because we all need to see how we could do it too.

Caroline even leant me her copy of the book!

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Heydon Pickering Classic

Heydon Pickering | Effortless Style | CSS Day from Web Conferences Amsterdam on Vimeo. Classes, and the CSS methodologies based on them, have begot a component based approach to styling web pages. This results in a form of presentational markup that, despite breaking with the “separation of concerns” principle, has proven to be a popular […]

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Multi-site success

As a certified Umbraco Developer I should really know better, but I am a very happy camper tonight. My work is rolling out a couple of upgraded sites in v.7 of Umbraco, instead of their current v4.6. Rather than duplicate a shed load of templates and copy, as only one or two sections are different, […]

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Pull the trigger

So trying to do some relatively simple jQuery today had myself and an expert colleague scratching our heads. A pop-up activates, no problem. It has two buttons. One calls the close() function to allow users to stay on the page and fill in more info. The second button navigates to the next page. I added […]

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Over the many years I have been developing websites few advancements have beaten the change from css to pre-processors such as sass and less. In the good old bad old days css was highly labour intensive and could often involve hours of repetitive tasks. With the advent of pre-processors variables and snippets have made modular […]

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Fresh start

Getting this blog started off again. Instead of being irregular ramblings about poor train services and family stuff, the intention is to try and keep a record of the highs and lows of a senior front end developer / team lead. Working with a great bunch of folks and aiming for continuous improvement this should […]

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