never knowingly understood

March 8, 2014
by ian

wordpress wonderment

I’ve just spent the best part of two and a half hours going through WordPress for google analytics and SEO stuff.

Finally turned a corner and ticked the majority of boxes that needed to be ticked. Just have to play that good old Google search box waiting game now.

Famed for my patience I am…

March 2, 2014
by ian

Birthday bonanza

The end of a group of birthdays this weekend. Three Fridays in a row of people getting one year older. Mammy, AJ and this weekend Lisa.

We luckily got child wranglers for yesterday so we hit the toon for some lunch and retail therapy. Much needed and enjoyed.

Looking forward to enjoying the purchases. Happy Birthday Lisa x

And the Steelmen beat the Jambos. All good !

February 26, 2014
by ian

Making it all fit together

Been reading up more and more on this Responsive Web Design malarkey. We’ve updated our company site recently and I was lucky enough to do the rwd on that too.

Setting up a wee side project in Umbraco for some rwd research…

January 2, 2014
by ian

Great start to 2014

Took AJ to see the Mighty ‘Well play St Johnstone – the Off the Ball derby match. Pretty one sided, imho, but the scoreline says it all. 4-0 to Motherwell. Possibly 5 if we had goal line technology…

Lisa picked us all up and off we went to the Wrights for the best steak pie feast a joyous football fan could ask for. Cracking banter, musical entertainment and some incredible nosh. No alcohol as I was doing the driving but suitably refreshed by company of good people and happy times.

So far 2014 has been pretty good.

December 14, 2013
by ian

Umbracian to you matey boy

Four days of training in London and I am now a certified Umbraco Developer.

A two day Level 1 course with the amazing Doug Robar got me in the groove and fired up.  The next two days for Level 2 were the tricky bit.

Darren Ferguson and Marc Goodson took us through the course and made it all nice a clear.

Chuffed to bits with a Level 1 & 2 pass. But now means the company has three developers at Level 1 & 2 so we now qualify as an Umbraco partner. Nice.

October 31, 2013
by ian

all paid off in the end

through some mysterious act of flukery I passed my MCTS 70-486: Developing Web Applications with MVC4. A tidy score of 906 out of 1000 (41/45 questions).

chuffed but humbled too. couldn’t have done it without the guys at works help and the support of my loving wife.

next stop 70-487: Web Azure…

October 12, 2013
by ian

studying blues

In my capacity as a web designer I am duty bound to keep up-to-date with current web technologies. this has never been a hardship as I genuinely love the job I do.

I am however required to study for Microsoft qualifications, as it’s a Gold Partner that I work for.  I understand the majority of what Im learning and I can see the benefits of the latest tech – I’m just not sure that the necessary amount is actually going in and staying in.

I have the support of my family and my colleagues but I’m convinced I’m a dullard and not going to do them justice. Cue random panicing…

September 23, 2013
by ian

Enthused and bemused

been doing a fair amount of r&d at work of late and very much enjoying it. as always lots to learn but managing to stay focused and not get distracted by the shiney buttons.

loving bootstrap; less & sass both in equal measures. also getting right on top if some knarly JS & jQuery stuff too.

all is good. just wish i wasn’t so confused by some of it. praise be for peer reviews.

September 21, 2013
by ian

eggheads incorporated

just got one bit of tech support sorted out (nearly) and then along comes another.

still could be worse. managed to reassure myself that I’m not totally inept / ham fisted, but there’s still time to prove that tomorrow.

as long as those involved know I’m doing my best and appreciate that then I can’t really ask for more.