Testing times

In a number of hobby projects I’ve been banging my head off the coding wall on how to tackle front end testing. I’ve been working in ReactJS a lot, for my projects, so decided to do a bit of research and I’m really glad I did.

I found out about an amazingly talented developer called Kent C. Dodds and have been following his guidance on what and how to test things in JavaScript projects. So much so, in fact, that I got a Pro license for his incredible course at TestingJavaScript.com.

He covers everything from the Fundamentals of testing -> Install, Configure, and Script Cypress for JavaScript Web Applications.

I’ve completed half of the sections so far and can honestly say it’s changed the way I think about developing, let alone testing. I’ve not just learned about testing, I’ve also picked up a whole raft of tricks and tips on how to set up projects and my coding environment.

I’m now using IntelliJ purely for Spring Boot and VS Code for all front end layer work.