Agile ceremonies

Trying to be more disciplined at work with our agile ceremonies.  They’re an important element to use to help bridge some of the knowledge gaps in our team and the general concensus is that we’re doing well as a group. Our working practices are improving steadily, with tickets getting created per job, sized and now that we’ve got our unit testing dialled in the hope is to rock some TDD out of our next deliverables. I’d like to get some CI pipeline elements in place, but the next ‘agile thing‘ I think we could benefit from would be continuous improvement....

learning something every day

Enjoying a period of constant learning right now. Whether it’s about the Jenkins build I’m trying to set up; using JS prototypes for handling a data model or just getting under the bonnet with some AngularJS – everything is all bright and sparkling.  It’s just as refreshing to return to something that I’d consider my staple diet, such as some Bootstrap stuff.  Putting the designs into Angular + Bootstrap project never gets boring – it is an opportunity to learn; finesse and refactor as we go. What’s not to like.

T-shaped developer

As a confirmed UI/UX developer, I was a little unsure of the term T-shaped developer. I understand it, from the Agile perspective, but like any theoretical exercise, it’s a matter of putting it into practice. At my last company it was very much about being the expert in your field, not silos of knowledge but different disciplines working in small teams.  I agree with it, as I witnessed the productivity and shared experience of putting jobs through the workflow. In my new role, it is again a small team, with distributed locations adding to the mix.  But with the same...

Technical Leadership –

Alistapart have produced many insightful and revolutionary articles over the years. Responsive Web Design, Mobile First and of course most of the industry changing Web Standards movement has grown here too. A recent entry though really struck a chord with me and I think it’s clarity is part of it’s beauty.

Fresh start

Getting this blog started off again. Instead of being irregular ramblings about poor train services and family stuff, the intention is to try and keep a record of the highs and lows of a senior front end developer / team lead. Working with a great bunch of folks and aiming for continuous improvement this should be a bit of fun.