Sum of all it’s parts

After a smattering of frustrations and head scratching I’ve gotten to grips with Angular components and all of it’s joys. Placing validation into services, putting components across a number of views, with controllers passing different parameters to elements – it’s been emotional. Now to get the whole thing surrounded by Karma tests and thrown into Jenkins then deployed to Apache.

AngularJS Training

Began my AngularJS training today and I’m surprised at how much I had already learned myself. Whether it’s from the countless hours in front of Pluralsight videos or the even more hours in front of project code – I’m mildly chuffed to say the least. It has exposed, however, the lack of JS skills I do have.  Simple logic appears to evade me at times, but then nearly drowns me  when the flow begins. Either way, it’s nice to be in the classroom and learning / reaffirming.

learning something every day

Enjoying a period of constant learning right now. Whether it’s about the Jenkins build I’m trying to set up; using JS prototypes for handling a data model or just getting under the bonnet with some AngularJS – everything is all bright and sparkling.  It’s just as refreshing to return to something that I’d consider my staple diet, such as some Bootstrap stuff.  Putting the designs into Angular + Bootstrap project never gets boring – it is an opportunity to learn; finesse and refactor as we go. What’s not to like.