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Head in the clouds

So I came back from holidays and started in a new team. In the same firm, building and floor – but different team, now I’m doing UI Engineer for Automation. Team are awesome but it’s straight into the work and getting up to speed. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

coming for you 2017

with all the changes I undertook last year, I’m not going to surprise anyone by saying this year for me is about ticking off a few technical goals, gaining some personal development on the agile plain and generally grabbing some code by the scruff of it’s ‘neck’ and knocking it into shape. I am, as…

Linux Mint baby

well who says nothing good ever comes from random google searches. I managed to stumble into the world of linux tonight, linux mit to be precise. now this will probably mean just as little to you as it did to me 32mins ago, but take it from me, it’s a very tidy place to be.…

API or bust

Been learning AngularJS for the past wee while. Enjoying it tremendously but in need of a ‘real life project’ to get my teeth sunk into. Had began fleshing out the bones of a Motherwell FC supporters app, which could do all the stato stuff in a nice informative and attractive way. But the prospects of…

Search Engine OMG

An interesting and informative few days at work doing some seo stuff. Found out just how well I had actually configured my latest Umbraco creation. Turns out not too shabby at all. #h5yr #I

Pull the trigger

So trying to do some relatively simple jQuery today had myself and an expert colleague scratching our heads. A pop-up activates, no problem. It has two buttons. One calls the close() function to allow users to stay on the page and fill in more info. The second button navigates to the next page. I added…

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