Sum of all it’s parts

After a smattering of frustrations and head scratching I’ve gotten to grips with Angular components and all of it’s joys. Placing validation into services, putting components across a number of views, with controllers passing different parameters to elements – it’s been emotional. Now to get the whole thing surrounded by Karma tests and thrown into Jenkins then deployed to Apache.

AngularJS Training

Began my AngularJS training today and I’m surprised at how much I had already learned myself. Whether it’s from the countless hours in front of Pluralsight videos or the even more hours in front of project code – I’m mildly chuffed to say the least. It has exposed, however, the lack of JS skills I do have.  Simple logic appears to evade me at times, but then nearly drowns me  when the flow begins. Either way, it’s nice to be in the classroom and learning / reaffirming.

learning something every day

Enjoying a period of constant learning right now. Whether it’s about the Jenkins build I’m trying to set up; using JS prototypes for handling a data model or just getting under the bonnet with some AngularJS – everything is all bright and sparkling.  It’s just as refreshing to return to something that I’d consider my staple diet, such as some Bootstrap stuff.  Putting the designs into Angular + Bootstrap project never gets boring – it is an opportunity to learn; finesse and refactor as we go. What’s not to like.

coming for you 2017

with all the changes I undertook last year, I’m not going to surprise anyone by saying this year for me is about ticking off a few technical goals, gaining some personal development on the agile plain and generally grabbing some code by the scruff of it’s ‘neck’ and knocking it into shape. I am, as always, incredibly lucky to have the keenest of teams and colleagues around me, not just in my work, but in the network of friends and contacts I have accumulated on my journey to this point.  I am sad to say cheerio to the end of...

Linux Mint baby

well who says nothing good ever comes from random google searches. I managed to stumble into the world of linux tonight, linux mit to be precise. now this will probably mean just as little to you as it did to me 32mins ago, but take it from me, it’s a very tidy place to be. So much so, that once these updates are finished running on WP here, I’m going to bounce this VM and ramp up the rammage – to make it a whole heap more turbo tastic. Clean and sharp UI and I’ve only used it for some...

T-shaped developer

As a confirmed UI/UX developer, I was a little unsure of the term T-shaped developer. I understand it, from the Agile perspective, but like any theoretical exercise, it’s a matter of putting it into practice. At my last company it was very much about being the expert in your field, not silos of knowledge but different disciplines working in small teams.  I agree with it, as I witnessed the productivity and shared experience of putting jobs through the workflow. In my new role, it is again a small team, with distributed locations adding to the mix.  But with the same...

Karma isn’t a bitch after all

I have been somewhat busy of late trying to get my head around some new technologies – well new to me at least. Instead of my usual comfort zone of .NET, Team Foundation and Team City, I am now in the land of Java, SVN and Jenkins in my new job. I took it upon myself to ‘learn’ these products and the best way to do this I thought was to set them up on my trusty laptop. Some hours later I now have an SVN Server, feeding two different sites into a Jenkins server, which is building them both...

API or bust

Been learning AngularJS for the past wee while. Enjoying it tremendously but in need of a ‘real life project’ to get my teeth sunk into. Had began fleshing out the bones of a Motherwell FC supporters app, which could do all the stato stuff in a nice informative and attractive way. But the prospects of updating countless results, cards and fouls seems a little unappealling. So instead I am going to try and join my AngularJS desires and API thirst into a cosuming of my FITBIT data with a view to maybe getting fitter as well as slightly smarter.  Go...

Technical Leadership –

Alistapart have produced many insightful and revolutionary articles over the years. Responsive Web Design, Mobile First and of course most of the industry changing Web Standards movement has grown here too. A recent entry though really struck a chord with me and I think it’s clarity is part of it’s beauty.