At the risk of sounding older than I actually am, when did web development become a race?

You need to know some things to be able to physically create a web page – html, css and some js are standard fair. I think we can all agree on that without getting into debates about using WYSIWYG type design tools to ‘publish’ web pages.

But more and more things are now becoming must haves for performing rudimentary tasks.

Node, Bower, Grunt, Gulp, etc. they all have their uses but to be perfectly honest who has the time, in a working environment to keep up with all these advancements without painting themselves into that development redundancy corner.  Sure you can spend the necessary time learning and perfecting your ideal implementations of a fully automated gulp pipeline – but how often are things going to become incompatible with updates.

I personally really like the benefits of node and gulp for development helpers – sass, lint, etc. all good for getting stuff done.

I just have reservations about a whole community of people so wrapped up in perfecting their chosen brand of ‘tech’ that they forget the point of what they are actually building.

We have all seen beautiful looking sites that are horrible to use and dull designs that are very easy to navigate around.  When someone is happier at shaving 15% off the sites file size than they are about how it actually gets used by visitors – Houston we have a problem.

Yes progress is progress, but keeping up with the Jones doesn’t mean to say your building either the right thing or in the right way. I’ll stick to finding better ways of removing dull tasks from my processes and worry less about the latest new kid on the <block>.