learning something every day

Enjoying a period of constant learning right now. Whether it’s about the Jenkins build I’m trying to set up; using JS prototypes for handling a data model or just getting under the bonnet with some AngularJS – everything is all bright and sparkling.  It’s just as refreshing to return to something that I’d consider my staple diet, such as some Bootstrap stuff.  Putting the designs into Angular + Bootstrap project never gets boring – it is an opportunity to learn; finesse and refactor as we go. What’s not to like.


Over the many years I have been developing websites few advancements have beaten the change from css to pre-processors such as sass and less. In the good old bad old days css was highly labour intensive and could often involve hours of repetitive tasks. With the advent of pre-processors variables and snippets have made modular style css structures a massive improvement. Couple that with the stunning frameworks of bootstrap and foundation things are really in a good place. Certainly newbies won’t have to endure any of the table driven browser wars from the IE and Netscape days. I just wish...