As a certified Umbraco Developer I should really know better, but I am a very happy camper tonight.

My work is rolling out a couple of upgraded sites in v.7 of Umbraco, instead of their current v4.6.

Rather than duplicate a shed load of templates and copy, as only one or two sections are different, I decided in my infinite wisdom to make it a multi site instance. Well, the first site was a skoosh – battering through the doctypes and templates like the wind was in my sails. Only, to get sunk on the first ‘landing page’ of the second site. Sure the first site went well, but now on the second site it’s content was listing, with the first site beneath.

Much research later I was just about getting ready to go down the site_1_template & site_2_template route when I had a brain wave.

You’ll never guess what – it actually worked.

Superb, smashing great!


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