As a certified Umbraco developer it should ‘erk’ me a little that everyone bangs on about how great WordPress is at SEO. But it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Umbraco allows developers to control everything that the site generates. So if SEO is your prime directive then Document Types can include all the necessary fields and the templates can do all that funky Google friendly stuff too.

The fact that WordPress has a bunch of plugins that do the SEO for you is a bonus, there is no denying that, but some would argue that the necessity to create such a plugin proves it’s not that great to begin with. is a WordPress site, I’ve put on my own php hosting – but I’ve also got a couple of Umbraco sites that I’m hosting on .NET servers, so I’m solution agnostic.

I just like to see what each of them can do in their respective states. I personally prefer to use Umbraco for sites I’m building in a commercial / professional capacity. It allows me the control I want for fields and page types that I just don’t get with WordPress.