As a HUGE fan of Umbraco, writing in a WordPress blog, I was really concerned about a recent discovery.

I had a site running locally under 7.4.2 which was using a number of different Grid layouts for the blogs and press releases. No issues, no bugs, just ticking along nicely.

Then I spotted the 7.4.3 release and did the upgrade.  When I was browsing the site there wasn’t any visible differences, so I was fairly pleased with the upgrade.

However, when I went into the actual backoffice the grid items had great big error messages on some of the grid row types.  It seemed to be all the headlines; which offered headline, banner, etc. But some of the image wide types where also goosed.

I went through the backlog of blog items and press releases to resolve the issues individually, but it gave me concerns about rolling this out to the LIVE version of the site.

I don’t particularly like the extra #grid block that gets rendered on Umbraco grid pages, so instead I’ve worked on a modular page type instead.

It’s basically putting each of the grid row types into a singular doctype and allowing multiple rows to appear under the page.

It allows editors the same flexibility to reorder and add content types. It also avoids potential hiccups when running an upgrade and removes an extra layer of markup from the templates, making them lean and far easier to debug.