I have been somewhat busy of late trying to get my head around some new technologies – well new to me at least.

Instead of my usual comfort zone of .NET, Team Foundation and Team City, I am now in the land of Java, SVN and Jenkins in my new job.

I took it upon myself to ‘learn’ these products and the best way to do this I thought was to set them up on my trusty laptop.

Some hours later I now have an SVN Server, feeding two different sites into a Jenkins server, which is building them both on SVN commits.


It has been a great discovery to me too. No longer terrified of Jenkins in work; set up some nice Karma + Jasmine testing; Even looked into some BackstopJS and Testcafe flow tasks too.

All in all – the nodejs; gulp; sass; bootstrap; bower; express; jasmine; karma; jenkins suite is proving very productive and much more importantly – incredibly enjoyable!