As a confirmed UI/UX developer, I was a little unsure of the term T-shaped developer. I understand it, from the Agile perspective, but like any theoretical exercise, it’s a matter of putting it into practice.

At my last company it was very much about being the expert in your field, not silos of knowledge but different disciplines working in small teams.  I agree with it, as I witnessed the productivity and shared experience of putting jobs through the workflow.

In my new role, it is again a small team, with distributed locations adding to the mix.  But with the same degree of expertise in my field, I am trusted with the decisions for that role – when to upgrade bootstrap; which CSS pre-processing method we use; etc.  But I am also now doing elements of the CI pipeline such as deployment tweaks and UI regression testing.

This is not, IMHO, a bad thing at all.  Quite the opposite in fact. Not only is it a very enjoyable thing, in learning more parts of the full SDLC, it is also promoting a much better understanding of the entire product and solution.