So as if once wasn’t enough, back in Dec ’17. I’ve only gone and ended up in sun kissed Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock again with that old favourite cellulitis. No sepsis this time, just to keep the body guessing.

In the main a fairly rudimentary stay, a wee spell in Ambulatory Care – which was fun. Then a few days / nights in Day Surgery Unit (DSU). Just for giggles I got punted up to Ward 4D, in a rather nice side room all to myself. But back down to DSU before discharge.

Have to get better compression rate on the leg in question as fluid buildup is the issue. Infection gets in and hey presto back to square one.

This visit has highlighted my lack of hydration discipline and the obvious Olympic standard of amazing that is my wife and family. My brother has looked in and looked out for my lot, which has definitely helped ease the worries. The usual band of good wishes from friends and colleagues too.

Have to do right by all this good will and get my sorry act together.

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