So far, so much better. It’s unsurprisingly obvious that a positive mindset leads to more stress-free days. The odd ‘blip’ does happen and dealing with them has been a lot more successful than I could have imagined.

2019 was a stinker of a year and I’ve made a conscious effort to remain positive by avoiding traits/experiences that could affect that. It’s becoming increasingly easier as I continue to practice techniques and with my wonderful wife being super supportive as ever.

I am sure life will throw us some more crappy things to deal with, that’s only natural. What I can control though, is how I choose to react and at forty-seven years old, that’s been a big lesson – sadly learned the hard way.

I want to be the best father, husband, pixel wrangler I can. Being kinder to myself and those around me is an easy and frankly enjoyable change to make. Seeing the kids laugh and giggle when I goof around is a really pleasant change from how I’ve acted in the past. I feel the difference and I hope that they do too.

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