I’ve been a ‘developer’ of some sort since about 1996, when I graduated from University. I’d been working in a couple of jobs during studying, doing database work and IT Centre support at the Uni IT Labs. But my first ‘real’ job was as a Junior developer, where I mainly worked on interfaces, icons, some desktop publishing (met Evelyn Glennie) and other odds’n’sods. Very little, if any ‘back-end‘ work. It wasn’t really until I got into .Net stuff, many years later that I began to work on some db services and a bit of Azure too.

In my current role, I’m classed as a UX Engineer, but I’m trying to broaden my horizons a little and get to the underbelly of building API services, configuring load balancers, setting up authentication and CI build pipelines. Our firm uses Java – primarily Spring Boot, so working with it has been pretty involved. I am blessed with very patient and talented colleagues in my team. They have all been very supportive and helpful, whenever I’ve reached out or taken on sprint work which I am not at all within my comfort zone.

My goal is not to become a Java Engineer, or more entirely over to back end development, quite the opposite. I still passionately enjoy working on the User Interfaces of web applications and using React, Angular, ag-grid, css, html and js. I am aiming to be able to pick up a small project and build it entirely; back-end providing API endpoints from a DB; front end calling endpoints and populating UI; CI pipeline building and running test, before deploying to AWS / cloud environment.