like everybody and their dog (if you’re lucky enough to have one) I’ve been trying to do some bits’n’bobs around the place during the joy that is lockdown. this particular venture is the rehash of my Christmas present Lego Land Defender.

I made an heroic effort to construct it first time round, completing it in a matter of 3 or 4 rationed days. however, the reason there is a need for a rebuild, is that mistakes were made. experience is a valuable asset and in this case I’ve learned some incredibly useful techniques for future builds.

that said, it’s not been entirely painless on v.2 attempt. some brilliantly timed interruptions from the kids, dinner, sleep and working from home all mean it’s not finished yet. but from a feel-good point of view, it’s really done me the world of good. it’s not painting the Sistine Chapel / landscaping the garden, but my well-being is massively lifted and where is the harm in that ?

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