time off

It’s been a busy old time at home and work so a long overdue rest was had by us all. The kids have also been doing some great efforts in school and at tai kwon do too – so they were due with a little trip too. As we were taking Buster with us we didn’t want to go too far from ‘home’ so a trip up to the Highlands was the order of the day.

Lisa and Angus were loaded with the colds, so they went in one car with Buster. OB and I went in the other, with the majority of the luggage. It was a pretty awesome drive up to be fair, stopped for fuel and comfort breaks for Buster and we made good time on a tricky road, with a fair sprinkling of muppets along the way.

Arrived in Avoch (Och) around dinner time and unpacked the cars. Got settled in and took the Buster boy for a wander around the town – sussing out good places for walks and somewhere to get milk, bread, etc. Found the amazing Harbour Fish and Chips just across from the house we were staying in, so that was dinner sorted.

Next few days were a mixture of thick fog and minor drizzle, a classic Scottish combo – but not enough to dampen our spirits. We travelled around the Black Isle seeing Cromarty, Invergordon and the amazing Chanonry Point.

We also took a few trips to Nairn, where I was able to have a wee Guinness with my Dad at the spot we scattered his ashes at. He was clearly watching because some lady came over to say something to us and I couldn’t hear her properly and moved towards her to try to get a clearer idea of what she wanted to say. I promptly slid in the sand & rocks and landed flat on my backside, much to his amusement I’m sure.

A lovely trip to the Cafe at the Harbour in Nairn, with amazing carrot cake was also enjoyed but sadly we had to head home too soon. I’d managed to catch whatever had been working on Lisa and the kids, so a miserable and snotty drive back down the A9 was had – my last long journey in the Subaru as it turned out.