Made VP this year!

After just over 6 and a half years in the firm I got promoted this year to Vice President. I’m beyond chuffed and slightly terrified, but concentrating on the chuffed for now.

I’d made a big drive over the last year to promote Accessibility (a11y) in my workplace and was able to make some impact with some teams across the firm. I was also lucky to have the support and guidance of some great people in my team and a wider network, without whom I don’t think I’d have been able to pull it off.

It goes without saying that my dear, long suffering wife Lisa had a HUGE part it making it possible, with the encouragement, support and general awesomeness that she has always shown me – I’d be lost without her.

This year it’s more A11y related work and creating a platform across the different lines of business to spread the word on the good work being done and how to help people the right side of Accessible.